Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pink Quartz Minerals, an amazing Mineral Foundation!

I am here to admit it to the world: I am a makeup idiot. I totally do not wear makeup unless I can get someone to put it on for me because I will lose an eye if I do it myself  I have a hard time blending stuff, or if I am forced to do it for another occasion and my girlfriends are not around, I try, and mostly fail. So for me to try something like a powder foundation was a stretch. I kept seeing those late-night infomercials about Bare Minerals, and thought it looked really easy to try! Heck, even a monkey could do it, I bet! SO I went on line, and looked at pricing. Then I realized that I would just have to stick with the foundation that I have had for 10 years, that is oily, and smashes all over my clothing.

But, after Pili's review about Pink Quartz Minerals corrector, I decided that I needed to look more into this shop! Well, lo and behold, she makes foundation EXACTLY like Bare Minerals! Well, not exactly, dare I say BETTER!?!?!?!  Here is the deal, not only does Pink Quartz Minerals offer an amazing array of primers, foundations, veils, and other mineral makeup, but the way she offers her foundation is pretty amazing. Here is the run-down:

  • Pink Quartz Minerals offers foundation kits. Some of her kits include a kabuki brush, which is essential for the application of her foundation. The kabuki brushes are vegan, which is HUGE to me. I did a ton of researching, and I cannot verify if Bare Minerals brushes are vegan, but my guess would be no. Since they do not state other wise, I am sure they are not, as it would be a really big selling point.
  • Pink Quartz Minerals has a really rad array of shades for their foundation. Bare Minerals only has 6 shades, but PQM has 21!!!  And if she does not have the shade you need, she will CUSTOM mix you a shade! How AMAZING is that?!?!?!
  • On the topic of shades, here is the biggest, and most amazing selling point, and the main reason I went with PQM. She offers kits that offer samples first. What does this mean? Well, in the notes to seller, you let her know what general skin tone you have (olive, pale, sallow ect) and she will send you some samples (with your kabuki brush if you ordered one) so you can try them out, and pick the one that matches your skin! THEN, you just shoot her a convo on Etsy, and she will send you a full size foundation in the color that you ALREADY know matches you! THIS.IS.AMAZING.
  • She offers a new refill in her shop, so when you are out of foundation, instead of re-ordering a whole listing, all you have to do is order a refill vial for $10.50 (You need two of these if you have a large jar) and dump it into your pot! SO MUCH better then re-purchasing a kit, or another jar, so much more cost-effective, and SO GREEN!
So, since her foundation is so amazing, you must think that maybe I am biased, because this is the only mineral foundation that I have tried? Well, let me tell you, I have gads of friends in the Etsy community that love her foundation, eyeshadow, correctors, and primers! Pili loves her, as well! The foundation does not settle in the creases of my face, and does not feel dry. It is weightless, and pretty amazing.

I hope you all get a chance to grab some of this amazing foundation. Like I said, I really am NOT a makeup expert, but Pink Quartz Minerals makes it pretty simple for me. The coverage is amazing, and it makes my mommy face look less zombie-like, and more rock-star! The price cannot be beat, and her customer service is pretty amazing, as well!


Mean Look said...

I love mineral foundation! I didn't think I would, but I got some for Christmas year before last, and I really love it. I hearted this shop and will definitely check it out. :)

Pili said...

I do swear by my PQM foundation, and so do co-workers of mine! ;)