Thursday, December 31, 2009

My favourite Mineral Make Up!

*Edit 16 January 2011: Due to recent and not so recent but ongoing events & information, we apologize to any of our readers that we might have turned into buying Glittersniffer Cosmetics and have had to deal with more than poor customer service and unsafe products. Here at Two Girls And A Bar of Soap no longer use or support any of her products, and urge you to read GlitterSniffer Complaints for more information*

Hey there! Happy New Year's Eve & Happy New Year!

It's been a while since I last updated this blog myself, but thankfully Brooke has been keeping it more up to date!

Since, I'm now on holidays, I do plan to update more often, and I have two more blog entries already planned, so stay tuned!

This blog entry is going to be about my discovering and love of mineral make up, more specifically about handmade mineral make up!

I started buying and completely made the switch to only mineral make up this year, and I wanted to share with you the three brands that I love and their products: GlitterSniffer, Pink Quartz Minerals & Orglamix.

The switch to mineral make up not only has resulted in a renewal for my love of make up, but I've also learnt a lot of new things about how to make sure you look your best and not like you're wearing a mask!

One of the things I've learnt is how important is to use a primer, for it prepares your skin for the application of the rest of the make up, helping it go on smoothly & helping it stay on for longer without fading.

I got my Porcelain Face Dust Primer from Glittersniffer cause I felt like experimenting a lil, and I completely fell in love! You just have to mix a few sprinkles of it with your usual moisturizer and apply it, and ready to start playing with the rest of your make up!

It's usually recommended that you use whatever correctors and/or concealers you want to apply. I usually just go with Pink Quartz Minerals Goldenrod corrector for under my eyes, since it's a corrector for dark spots, age spots, and any purple-ish you may have around your eyes. It's my best friend when I wear make up after working night shift.

Then goes the foundation. Mineral powders should be applied lightly and letting the first layer of it settle properly before applying a second layer, if you really think you need it. One more thing that makes a lot of sense but I never really thought about before is that you need two tones of foundation during the year, one for winter, when your skin is whiter, and one for summer, when it is more tan. I have Pink Quartz Minerals' Grace for the winter, and Orglamix's Bamboo for the summer.

After foundation you can (& should ) use a veil or rice powder, cause it'll help the foundation settle and will give you a smoother look, and will reflect the light away from the wrinkles or lines, giving you an effective "airbrushed" look as Lela from Glittersniffer calls it. I have Pink Quartz Minerals' Translucent Veil, Glittersniffer's Doll Face Rice Powder & Orglamix's Rice Sake Matte Powder, and love the three of them! This is one step I can't do without, and I sometimes just wear the veil on its own for an instant "good look" effect!

I usually put on my eye-shadows after the veil, but you can apply the veil afterwards, on top of them, cause even if it looks white, it doesn't add any colour. Talking about eye-shadows, you can get AMAZING eye-shadows from any of these three sellers, I can asure you, you'll love them!

Before putting on eye-shadows I've discovered a specific primer from Orglamix that makes your eye-shadow POP and that also ensures that will last for a looong time! I don't put my eye-shadows on now before applying some Magnetism eye primer!

And lastly, for the superb glowing effect, you need to try the Highlighting & Perfecting Powder from Glittersniffer. For a glowing look you should apply it under your eyebrows, under your eyes and under your cheeks. This will give your make up the final touch and will help you shine!

After this post about make up, with recommendations to help you look your best on New Year's Eve, tomorrow I plan to write a new blog entry about facial masks!

Happy New Year!


Brooke said...

OK, I now need to try Orgalmix. I already totally heart Lela and Pink Quartz! I think they may be next on my "must have" list!

Mami Made It said...

Thanks for sharing your tips about mineral make up! Very interesting!
Wish you a Happy New Year and lots of success with your business!

Eplefe said...

Hello! I'm commenting to urge you to retract your support of GS considering the new things that has come in to the light lately, with her not being vegan as she claimed and also using harmful dyes in her pigments. has a nice overview of things, as well as, (if you search for glittersniffer you'll get up a few interesting reads), I wrote a blogpost about being sold harmful soap dyes and being RECOMMENDED to use it as an eyeliner, several people have reported corneal abrasions, pinkeye and more.

That is, the ones who were fortunate enough to receive their product in the first place, as she's well known for "forgetting" to ship out packages, or just not doing it and lying to customers about either doing it, or giving poor excuses for why she didn't.

If enough people get the word out there about her poor business conduct, fewer people will swallow her lies and give her their money.