Friday, January 1, 2010

Body Language Soap's amazing facial masks!

Happy New Year!

I'm hoping you all had a great beginning of 2010, and had a fun & safe New Year's Eve!

If your plans involved a lot of partying & make up and not sleeping enough, your face and skin are gonna be in need of some extra facial care, and what better than some awesome facial masks?

I have to make a confession, I love trying new facial products, and one way to get to my heart is scent, why? Cause I always smell everything first! From soaps, lotion, masks to make up! But my obsession with facial care products shouldn't come as much of a surprise, after all I'm one of the Two Girls with a bar of soap, right? Right ;)

Well, these two facial masks I've got & tried this week are so amazing that I pushed back everything I had in my list of blogs pending to make to talk about them! Wondering what masks could have impressed me that much? They're Body Language Soap's Triple Comfort & Parisian Glow!

This masks are dry masks, what does this mean? This means that they're in powdery form, which means you have to mix them yourself, which means a lil extra work than your usual store bought masks, but it also means that they're preservative free, and that means no harmful chemicals, and no expiry date! You mix them right the moment you are going to use them, AND you can use different liquids to mix them with, depending of what you have handy or your skin type, which means an even more personalized facial care!

The Triple Comfort mask has to be, scent wise, my favourite! It has chamomile, calendula, comfrey and ginger, and it does smell like a nice & comforting cup of tea! I'd recommend this mask for days when your skin is dry or looks tired and need of some extra care. Like on a day after a long night, like today.

I mixed it with milk, cause I have dry skin with a tendency to get dehydrated easily. I had a few issues finding a bowl that'd be a good size for mixing it, but the mixing up is really easy if you add whatever liquid you decide to use for it in very small quantities at a time, remember you are gonna make a paste for your face, not the entire neighborhood! I left the mask on for approximately 10 minutes (recommended 10-15 min) but I didn't time it, I just grabbed a book and read for a while to pass the time.

When I scrubbed off the mask with warm-ish water I looked at my skin and wow, was I impressed! My pores looked waaaaay better than before! And I mean WAY better! So I thought, okay now here's a keeper! And of course, I knew I needed to try the other mask and tell you guys all about it!

So, though for dry skin is not recommended to use a mask more than once a week, it had been so long till I had used facial masks, that I thought that twice a week my skin wouldn't mind it. So the next day I used the Parisian Glow mask. This one has French Green Clay and Green Tea Powder with essential oils that make it an awesome detoxifying mask!

This one I mixed with Greek Yogurt (well, the yogurt was part of my breakfast, and I thought, why not?) and this time I timed it a lil better, I left it on the entire duration of Iron Maiden's Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and that's over 13 minutes . Once again, I was thoroughly impressed! Glowing skin and barely noticeable pores! Another must have! Ideal mask to leave your skin looking amazing for any special day/occasion!

Final words? Get one of these masks, or both, or even all of them! Lindsay from BodyLanguageSoaps also has three more masks: Zebra Face (detoxifying for acne prone skins), Lavender Soothing (for sensitive skin) which I think Brooke should try and Pomegranate Power Clarifying, that I think it's the one I wanna try next!

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Brooke said...

I bought the lavender. My poor skin is DYING over here....