Saturday, January 2, 2010

SkinJourney's Serums

Second day of the New Year, how's everyone faring? Got rid of the hangover?

I started the day with Aunt Irma's arrival, so I could be better, but such is life, nothing that tea & ibuprofen can't manage!

After Jussara from SpaTherapyWorks stopped making her serum, I started looking around Etsy for a serum that would help my skin look the best. This year is the year I'll turn 30, and though I still look younger (I can easily pass by 23 or 25, or younger if you believe the assistant of my Amsterdam-Detroit flight that thought I was the unaccompanied minor of the flight... he even asked to see my passport), I still want to look younger than my age for as long as I can!

The first thing I started looking for was an eye serum, because with my changes of schedule as a nurse, working night shifts, then back to 8 to 3, or 3 to 10, the lack of sleep and all that, bags under my eyes were getting a lil too common for my liking. So that's when I turned to a shop I had eyed for a while: Skin Journey and their Bright Eyes serum!

Bright Eyes is full of nutrients for the skin and since it's in gel formula is non-greasy, very easy to absorb and since it comes with a pump, you only have to use a lil bit. I first got a sample size of it, and a little does go a looong way, so I'm sure the full size bottle will last a lot, and in perfect condition since it never gets in contact with the air, so none of the ingredients can get oxidized and lose their properties. I've been using it since the summer, and it's been a great help getting rid of the puffy eyes after working night shift! As a rule, I always use it as the last part of my facial care routine, on top of the moisturizer.

After trying the Bright Eyes serum, I started wondering about Skin Journey's Anti-aging Firming Serum, and after a friend of mine using it and recommending it, I thought I really had to give it a try. It also comes in a container with a pump, so ingredients don't degrade and as the Bright Eyes serum, a little does go a long way! It's a thick cream, that melts great with the skin, and it contains DMAE (according to reseach it helps smoothing out lines and evens out the complexion), Squalane and Vitamin E. It's always recommended to use the serum right after the toner and before the moisturizer. I've been using it for over a month, it makes my skin feel silky and I'm really pleased with the results!

So now, these two serums have been added to my daily facial care, both in the morning and at night! If you want to know and read more about them, in both their Etsy listings there's the full list of ingredients for each!

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Anna said...

I love Skin Journey! I recently started using the AHA Facial Creme. It's exfoliating with AHA's. My skin feels really soft, it keeps it clear and fresh looking. <3