Saturday, March 13, 2010

It has arrived, it is here, it's our own shiny blog button!

Hello there everyone!

Having a nice weekend? I sure hope so! I'm gearing up to full force after my vacation with the bf, and this entry is proof of it!

Brooke and me had been thinking about making a blog button for this our loved B&B bloggie, and I decided that I'd work on the image necessary for it during my vacation, where I'd have much more time free to find the perfect spot for the perfect shot! And the perfect spot was the bathroom in our room at the Alila's resort in Goa (seriously, what a bathroom, and what a bathtub! Glorious!). The props used for the shot are 3 super cute bath cupcakes by My Other Princess (see previous blog entry about her here).

So, without further ado, I bring to you, the Two Girls And A Bar of Soap blog button!

If you have ever been featured in our blog before, feel free to grab and show it off, you can even add it to your Etsy listings if you feel so inclined!

And of course, if you love our blog, feel free to grab it too!