Monday, July 12, 2010

Orglamix's Whole Grain Mineral Powder

It's been such a long time since either Brooke or myself have posted here!

*clears out cobwebs and dusts off a bit*

Both me & Brooke have a few entries on the works, but since life has a tendency to get in the way of blogging (even more in Brooke's cause, with the whole running a business, taking care of her kids and catching some sleep every now and then), I've decided that I'll start the ball rolling with a small blog entry about my latest love in the make up world!

I've already blogged about Orglamix's make up before, and you already know that her shipping and customer service are absolutely top notch! So this time I'm just gonna rave about the perfect find for a lazy make up lover like myself. I do like going out looking good, but half the time I can't be arsed to go through the whole routine of primer, foundation, veil, etc just for a run for coffee with friends or dinner with my bff on a Wednesday... So, I used to go out without any make up at all.

As of late, I dunno if it's the fact that I've been a little burnt out at work, haven't been sleeping too well, and have been feeling a bit more tired than usual, the bags under my eyes have become more noticeable, and if I go out for lunch after working night shift, I do have a bit of an undead sort of look, so what to do without going through the whole make up routine? Well, I saw this new product at Orglamix called Whole Grain Self-Adjusting Mineral Foundation and when I read that "The unique light-reflecting ingredients instantly brighten, creating a gorgeous, 'soft-focus' appearance that smooths fine lines, fine lines, shadows and imperfections, so skin glows with good health." I thought - why not give it a go?

Well, I got it, and gave it a try first time I went out during the week for a lil shopping and coffee with one of my friends. I just used some concealer for under my eyes and Whole Grain for the whole face, as I would with a regular veil, but unless a veil or rice powder that looks white till you blend it, it just blends with your skin tone instantly. So at first, you don't seem to notice much of a difference, and you don't look like you're wearing make up, but you sure look better, and in my case, no more undead look!

So now, my super quick routine for going out consists on just concealer and Whole Grain, I get to look good without looking like I have make up on me at all! And since it's fast and with no fuss, I have no reason to be awfully lazy about it, and go out looking like the undead! I'll reserve the whole routine to look all properly dolled up for going out at night!

Now, I just need Orglamix to offer the Whole Grain in their XL size!

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Poppys Wicked Garden said...

looks awesome I wish you had some before & after pics so we could see:)