Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Heart J Creations -- Soap From The Heart

I am always searching for new soaps. I admit, I have an addiction. I LOVE finding new scents,new colors, and new shops. So during a search on Etsy, I stumbled across Heart J Creations. I was intrigued by the very organic look of the soaps. Now, if you know me at all, you KNOW I am a color FIEND, and for me to think something is interesting that is a bit plain...well, it mostly never happens. But I am also a firm believer in the though that a plain look can sometimes be hiding something spectacular! And this is the case here.

The first purchase I made was for a soap sampler. I am a SUCKER for samplers, because it means I do not have to decide on just one or two items, I can have a little variety! Plus, a sampler is only$6.95! And I knew that if I fell in love with the soap, my love affair would not break the bank, most of her soaps are around 4$ a pop! Amazing price for a full 5 oz of soap each bar!
The soap got to me VERY quickly, and Jodi sent me a convo as soon as my soaps had shipped, which I LOVE! Now, here is the kicker. When my sampler got here, I was SO surprised! This set was amazing, and would be PERFECT for a hostess gift, or for gift giving on the holidays! It contained 7 VERY large slices of soap, all tied with a  neutral cord. One of the things I really liked about the set, was that there was a card attached which identified the scents of all of the soaps in the pack! Which was really good for me, because I was planning on trying some of them on Gory, and if it was really floral, I knew Greg would have an issue with it. So we stuck with the Oatmeal Milk, and Honey (one of our all-time favorite scents on ANYTHING, for G-Pants).

Now. All of this sounds pretty amazing already, right? Well, my friends, it gets BETTER! Not only does the soap SMELL amazing (it is NOT overwhelming, which I sometimes really appreciate), but a lot of the soaps have oatmeal or other exfoliating ingredients in them. This is especially good in my house, because I used the soaps at my kitchen and bathroom sink, and when you have boys, you NEED a soap that is able to scrub kool-aid stains off skin, grease from under nails, and other junk and goop the boys get into.

Also, I really need to mention, this soap will LAST YOU FOREVER! Seriously, I still have my second bar of Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey at my kitchen sink, and it has been WELL over 2 months! The soap keeps well on a wooden soap dish, it lasts and lasts, and is a workhorse when it comes to cleaning, but not so harsh that it will leave you feeling dry! Your skin is left feeling soft, clean, and not dry at all.

I am very excited to share this shop with all of our readers. I know I will be back to Heart J Creations to purchase more soaps in the very near future, and I plan on getting a sampler set for my mom for her birthday, as she keeps commenting on it when she uses it while visiting! I urge everyone to head on over, and grab a sampler pack (at $6.95 that is a STEAL!) and tell her that the Two Girls sent you!

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This One of the Two girls has her in the lists of soaps to get and try! ;)