Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Essential Care for a nurse after night shift!

Hello again!

In this entry I'm gonna share my care routine after night shift, when I do go to sleep in the morning, most of the products are handmade, well, all expect for one, and I've been looking for a good handmade replacement, but I can't seem to find one!

Here are all the products I use: a tired legs lotion, a high hydration moisturizer for my face, intensive lip therapy balm, hand cream and feet cream.

The tired legs lotion is the only one of all the products that is not handmade, but from a supermarket brand, and at least is not tested in animals... I have been looking for a similar product on Etsy, but I haven't really found anything like this... It gives a super fresh feeling to your legs when you massage them with it, and soothes my poor tired legs after a 10 hour shift!

I also change a lil my regular facial routine, instead of using my Velvet Face or Night Repair, I go for the Pure Hydration facial creme from Dress Green, since it's a very thick & highly hydrating cream that helps my skin recover from the dryness at work with the heating or AC, and it doesn't feel right to me to apply a night cream at 9 am, even if I'm going to sleep then!

I spend most of my work hours going around the ward, and my Happy Feet cream from RightAsRain Creations is a must for me every day after work, even more so after night shift, and even though since I have my Crocs my feet don't hurt, they do get tired! And this cream is pure bliss for them!

Dry air at work, due to heating or AC translates on dry face, and particularly on dry limps, and though I always have a lip balm with me, I always do some extra care when I'm going to sleep after work. I use the Intensive Lip Therapy balm by Mirasol Farm, and it works like a charm! No more waking up with chapped lips, and I've also noticed that it works great when I get my stress rash in my upper lip, so it never gets as bad as before, no more using cortisone creams for it!

And last, but surely not least, it's taking care of my dry and damaged hands. As a nurse, I wash my hands hundreds of thousands of times in each shift, both with regular soap & water, but also with the alcohol-based solutions, and even though they're great for killing germs, they aren't kind to my hands! So, I use my hand-saver cream from Mirasol farm, the Sweet Orange Calendula Cream, just the thing to daily treat my hands and help them recover!


brookevangory said...

I love Mirasol farms! And I literally JUST ordered that Dress Green lotion yesterday! YAY!

Deb (On Cupcake Moon) said...

i cannot wait to try the foot cream! if it gets a nurse's approval you KNOW it's good!