Friday, July 16, 2010

Spicing up Your Grill......Etsy Style! With Cook Outside The Box!

For Father's Day this year, I wanted to do something a little different for Greg. He is not the "gift" type at ALL, we don't ever really give gifts. But I thought I would kill two birds with one stone, and get him a little something to fuel his grilling obsession, and allow me to try and review one of the amazing spice shops on Etsy! Purchasing food products on Etsy can seem a little daunting, but let me tell you, I have found every experience to be amazing. Maybe I need to do reviews of some of my other favorites someday, but for now..... Cook Outside The Box!

I searched long and hard, as there are a few pretty established spice shops on Etsy. I chose COTB because of a few factors. One being their presentation. I did not want to go for a magnetic spice board, because of space limitations, and the fact that I did not want to overwhelm Greg at first ( Even though they HAVE them in the shop, and Greg now says he WANTS one!! LOL!) I wanted to try a sampler, and the one I finally decided on had a bunch of spice rubs for barbecuing, which was packaged in a small tin container. This was the perfect set to try a little bit of everything, and the best part was that it contained jerk seasoning, which is Greg's favorite! So I went with the Dry Spice Rub Kit.

The kit was shipped to me VERY quickly, and arrived in perfect condition, so no worries there. When I gave it to Greg, he was VERY excited to try the rubs out, and we promptly made some jerk rub pork that night! DELISH! It was a very good blend, not too spicy, but not too bland, like a lot of jerk rubs can be, which is disappointing. The thing we both INSTANTLY liked, is that there is a photo of what the spices are, in the order they are in the box, with a list of the names, and all the ingredients in each mix, along with what items that particular mix would be good on! Perfect for budding grill masters like Greg!

Since then, we have tried almost all of the rubs, even mixing one or 2 into handmade burgers! We have not been disappointed in ONE single spice mix we have tried! SO now we are making a list of full sizes that we want to purchase. And LOOK at the jars they offer! They not only have tins that are magnetized (for hanging on a tin board, or on the fridge) but they also offer these amazing glass hexagonal jars with magnetic lids! So you can safely store your spices, AND have a modern arrangement that is sure to be a conversation piece at your next get-together!
And barbecue spices are not the only ones that Cook Outside The Box offers! The also have everyday spice sets, tons of international sets, chai sets, herbal tea kits, and also make-a-meal kits! They really make it easy and functional to feel like a master chef in no time at all! I would highly recommend Cook Outside The Box as a wonderful gift for anyone that is difficult to buy for like Greg. He talks to all of his friends about his new spice kit, even! Congratulations COTB, you have converted my husband into an Etsy lover!


Rocky the Zombie said...

Those magnetic ones are awesome...although I wonder how long before I fall over drunk and knock them all off the fridge?!

Sherie said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm off to check out 'Cook Outside the Box'. Those spices look good.