Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lip Tints, handmade lipstick, by Body Language Soaps!

Finally back to the blogging routine!

It's been a while since I've shared some of my new discoveries in the bath & beauty handmade world, but I'm finally here, and with plans for more! I'll be attempting at least a weekly post from now on!

Any of you readers, already know that I've made the switch to handmade mineral make up, and I'm really glad I did! But once thing remained that I still was using that was not handmade, what was that? Lipstick of course! I hadn't found any lipstick out there on Etsy (always my go-to place to buy handmade) that enticed me to buy it, that is, till Lindsay from Body Language Soaps got her lip tints out!

At first, she started offering them in a pot, and then started offering them also in an even more lipstick-y way, in a roll-up tube! I decided I really needed to give it a try, so I ordered myself some Sweet Venom in a pot, and loved it! It adds some colour, but it still doesn't look too artificial, which is great for me, since I've long lost the will to use bright and bold lipstick colours, though now Lindsay have loads of bold colours available too.

I liked it so much, that I ended up ordering two more, but this time in roll-up tube format, that is very convenient! I love how easily it glides on the lips, and since you apply it directly, it can look a lil darker and more full of colour than if you apply it with your fingers. I got First Kiss, Bitten and Andromeda, and I absolutely love all three!

These aren't ultra-permanent lipstick (I always wonder what those are made with, to stick around like that!) so they'll wear out if you eat, drink or kiss, but that also happens with any regular lipstick. And I'm more comfortable knowing what I put on my lips, since Body Language Soaps is a member of the EGCG, so she always lists her ingredients. Just note, they're not vegan.

In short, I've found my perfect replacement for lipstick, so from now on, all my make up is handmade! And if you want to go the handmade route for all your make up, or just like trying new things, you better give them a try too!

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Dusty said...

I am so glad you posted this. I have been looking for a new lipstick. I will have to try this out. Thank you!