Friday, August 27, 2010

Quick update! The Safe Cosmetics Act and EGCG.

Hey everyone! Brooke here, and just thought I would pop by to say hi! We both have been really busy, me with the shop (what else is new) and Pili had her love come to visit her for a while (she lives and Spain, and he in India! Talk about long distance love!) So needless to say, now that school is back in session we should be getting more reviews in the next week or so.

I did however, want to take a minute to bring up two things that I felt we should let our readers know. The first, is in regards to H.R. 5786, the Safe Cosmetics Act, a new bill that was recently introduced here in the US. If it is passed as it is currently written, most if not all of the shops you see featured here will be forced to close their doors. Which for us, and the handmade industry, would be devastating. This link will explain a little better what the bill would mean to the industry.

We would love it if our awesome readers would join us in signing the petition protesting this bill. You can do so here. We love the shops we feature here, and are excited to try new ones, so the thought of this bill being passed makes me really sad, and worried for the future of handmade products.

On a bit of a lighter note, I also wanted to shed some light on an amazing Etsy guild that both Pili and I love deeply. They are the Etsy Green and Clean guild. Their focus is truth in advertising, and full ingredient disclosure. The guild consists of Etsy shops that specialize in soap, perfume, cosmetics, and herbal products. I feel pretty confident to say that any shop that is a member of EGCG is a good bet to get amazing products, with amazing customer service. If you check out their blog, you will see that their roster consists of a good majority of out tried and true favorites! They usually have some amazing sales, scavenger huints, and swag packs during the holidays, as well, so keep your eyes peeled.

The reason I bring this up, is because people are always asking me "Hey Brooke, what is a good _________ *fill in the blank*" Nine times out of ten, I refer them to do a search using the term EGCG on Etsy. So say I am looking for shampoo bars, I would type in "EGCG shampoo bars" Or for cupcake lotion I would do a search for "EGCG cupcake lotion". I have a dear friend who is SEVERELY allergic to milk, and anything containing dairy protein. This comes in useful should you have allergies, or sensitivities. Some Etsy sellers omit ingredients or will just not list them at all. This is a tried-and-true way to find what you need, and be confident that you know what is in your product!

Until next post,

May all of your days be filled with delicious bubbles!

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Pili said...

A big cheer for the EGCG on Etsy! And yeah, once you stop to think about it, almost all the shops we buy from are in said Guild! ;)