Friday, July 30, 2010

MADD STYLE UBER BOSS LIP GLOSS~ Bringing you One Step Closer to AWESOME!

I admit it. I have a bit of a lip gloss/balm addiction. I will be up front about it, it is true. I cannot leave the house WITHOUT a tube of lip stuff in my pocket or bag. So when Mo from Madd Style offered for me to do a test run on some of her shop goodies, I totally jumped at the chance. Wanna know why? (Well, besides the lip product addiction..) Mo is customer of Glittersniffer, and LITERALLY her makeup application is quite possibly the most flawless, amazing thing I have EVER laid eyes on. So much so, the Glittersniffer fans like to call her "Miss Awesome". SO someone that is THAT passionate about face products has GOT to make some killer lip balms!

So Mo was so kind to send me a press pack, which she is using to help get the Madd Style word out. I was SO excited when it got here, I ripped right into that sucker! She sent me so much product, that I actually am going to split this review into 3 parts, as there are three separate products that I would like to cover individually.

The first product that I tried, actually, out of the bunch, is the Uber Boss Lip Gloss. Now, do not be fooled, This is NOT only a lip gloss, but she offers then in a ton of different flavors, and most of them are actually TINTED! I have them in Spanish Fly (a SUPER glittery clear gloss flavored like Margarita) Paradise (coconut peach non-glitter berry stain) S Berry Lemonade (super glittery clear in...... Strawberry Lemonade) and Pink Poison (light pink watermelon). Now....the samples I got are in pots but she also does them in want tubes, which actually, are more sanitary, so I am gonna need to snag some of those ASAP.

Now, down to the product......I LOVE the fact that she offers so many different choices. There are glosses that are tinted, not tinted, glittery, not glittery....SO there is something for everyone. My personal favorite is the Spanish Fly, but last night, I went out with my girls, and wore the Paradise, and it was amazing as a night out gloss. I could have even layered some Spanish Fly over it for some glitter, so really, you could mix and match, and make your own MADD STYLE! They stay on fairly well, but I carried my pot with me for reapplication after eating or drinking. The BIGGEST thing I love about the gloss, is that it is not all sticky, and weird. It goes on smooth, and is not all gloppy. It stays ON your lips, and does not drip down your chin, which is the WORST, and this literally is the first gloss I have found that can pack THIS much shine and glitter, that is not a sloppy mess. And believe me, I have tried them all!
Now, here is something that is almost as rad as Mo and her lip gloss! She is running specials now in her whole shop, and a bunch of her listings have 100% of the proceeds going to the Cancer Fund of America! How SWEET is that! So run on over to her shop, and toss her a heart, then keep your eyes peeled for specials being listed all month! Or you can fan her on Facebook to be the first to know about specials, and sales!!!!!


RockerByeBaby said...

going to buy some RIGHT now.

Pili said...

A shop I surely now need to check! ;)

Josh said...

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