Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shower Treat Soap Review and Giveaway by Jessie Kaitlin!!

My good friend, and fellow twitter-er (is this correct?!?!?!) Jessie over at Moma Lovebug just posted a review WITH a giveaway for Shower Treat Soap's laundry detergent!  Remember when we reviewed them over here at Two Girls when we got some samples in our EGCG swag bags?  Well now is your chance to win some to try yourselves!

Head on over to Moma Lovebug, and check it out!  Then hop on over to Shower Treat Soap's blog, and follow them too to keep up to date on the going on's over there!


Pili said...

Brookers, you are amazing! Thank you for keeping up with this blog, I promise I will get back to it when I'm back in Spain!

SheikaL said...

That is so awesome! I didn't know you could DIY laundry detergent! Thanks for sharing!


belinha said...

Hi!You might wanna check this!
Only 3 days left to enter giveaway!Hurry!
Happy Holiday!