Friday, May 15, 2009

EGCG Swag Bag: Shower Treat Soap

Alright, I know some of you are rolling your eyes at me, thinking YEAH RIGHT! She is all green, that dirty hippy, of course she would LOVE the handmade laundry soap they sent in the swag bag. But let me tell you a secret. I live with 3 boys, my husband, Greg, who is NOT a fan of handmade AT ALL (makes me wonder...) my 9 year old son Evan, and Gory, who is almost 3 months old. Now, for myself or Gory to try something that is new, and handmade is a no-brainer. For Evan to try something that is handmade, a little difficult, but pretty easy when bribing is involved. But Greg? Not on your LIFE! This is the guy that showers with nothing but Irish Spring (YUCK) and has big brand-name loyalty that is outrageous!
So when I spied that I had gotten some of Shower Treat's laundry soap in the swag bag, I got ALL nervous! I had the soap hearted for who knows HOW long, but did not have the guts to try it yet. I thought to myself "Really, how good can it be? I mean, laundry detergent is just that, heavy duty, strong enough to get rid of the grime of the gnarly boys that I live with, and make it seem to the outside person that they are clean and smell good!" Right? I mean, that is the point of laundry soap, to clean the clothes, and leave them fresh smelling. And that had me worried. What if I try it and it does not work? I have to do the whole load over again, that would suck. Well, let me put your mind at ease.......
This soap works AWESOME! Laura has been making soap for over 12 years, and she knows how to make quality products that will stand up to the rigors of family life. This powered soap is made of simple ingredients, not a huge long list of crap that I cannot pronounce, let alone know what the chemicals are, like in store-bought detergents. So I sat and thought, if we wash our clothes in detergent from the store, and it has all of these chemicals in it, how much is left on our clothes, for our skin to absorb off our clothing? I totally feel safe washing the baby's clothes in it, as well as the rest of the family's!
Now, back to the hubby. Greg is the one that usually does the laundry around here. Do not misunderstand, I said DOES, not fold or put away. But he washes them. So I thought there would be a HUGE problem with getting him to *gasp* try something handmade and new to wash our stuff in. It took some convincing, but finally he caved. Now, I need to forewarn some of you, this is a POWDER laundry soap, not liquid. It is not gonna get all foamy and bubbly (but this will make it compatible for your HD washing machine). But it will gently wash your clothes, and leave them smelling really fresh and clean! There is no need for fabric softener in the dryer or washer, either, it leaves the clothes THAT soft. You can even purchase some with essential oils or fragrance oils in them. In the swag bag there was Rosemary Peppermint. Now...not only did it make my laundry smell amazing, but while the wash was in the dryer, it made the HOUSE smell amazing! Not really strong, but a slight fragrance that was noticeable, and very refreshing! And even more surprising, my husband LOVED IT! He really liked the soap, and the clothes were surprisingly clean!
You can find the laundry soap for sale in their Etsy shop. They offer a sampler set, if you are undecided if this soap is going to work for you, which I would recommend to start off with. Also in their Etsy shop, they have dish soap and liquid dish soap. Those are next on my list to try!
*Thanks to Pili, who took the pictures of her soap for me to use for this review. I can review soaps all day, but ask me to take a picture, and I fail!


Rocky the Zombie said...

I think I might have to try this!

I do the laundry, the folding, and the putting away.. my boyfriend DOES none of it. So no persuading necessary!

Lona said...

I LOVE Laura's laundry soap! So glad I found it. The other day I used a bit of left over Tide (gotta use it up, y'know) and it smelled so nasty, like chemicals. Can't wait til it's gone and I can use only showertreat soap!

Pili said...

We do make a great team! You review and I take pics! ;)

I still need to try this, but I'm really sure I'm gonna love, if even Greg loved it!!

Right As Rain Creations said...

I have used up all of my sample from Laura and now need more. I agree with everything you said and I was REALLY impressed that it got stains out of my baby daughter's shirt that had been there through two previous washings! Now THAT's impressive. I thought those stains were going to be permanent.