Thursday, May 7, 2009

EGCG Swag Bag: Mirasol Farm

If you haven't got yourself an EGCG Swag Bag, you surely are gonna be regretting it as you keep on reading the reviews that both me and Brooke are gonna keep on posting.

Today is the turn of Mirasol Farm's Sweet Orange & Calendula cream. When I got the swag bag, I was wondering what sort of a cream it was exactly, a facial cream, a body moisturizer? So I went onto checking the Etsy listing and saw that it was a cream for dry skin that does it all!

I decided to give it a try as hand cream, why specifically for the hands? Well, I'm a nurse, and I can tell you I have quite dry hands because of it. After all that hand washing at work, with not the most skin-safe solutions sometimes, and now with all the recently added alcohol-based antiseptic solutions. They're all great to get rid of bacteria in the hands, which in turn it's better for the patients, but not that good for the hands, trust me.

I started using the cream as a night repair cream for my hands, since it's a thick cream that takes a lil to be absorbed, so you can't really apply it and continue typing in the laptop or doing other things without leaving a bit of a residue. But it is an amazing cream, very rich and highly moisturizing! And it also has a fantastic frangance, from the essential oils of calendula and sweet orange, and I have to say I love love love the scent!

My hands wake up in the morning feeling much better and softer! And of course, since it was a 2 oz jar, it's gonna last quite a while!

If you have dry hands too, or need an extra punch of moisturizing and soothing, for a pregnant belly or very dry skin, you need to give this cream a try!


WickedBadNaughty said...

I love citrus smells...I could use this as a moisturizer for my very dry skin...sounds awesome. };)

Frenchell said...

That looks yummy! I am going to have to try that on my hands

Morgan Street said...

I tried this one on my face and I'm hooked. My face LOVES it!!