Sunday, May 17, 2009

MorganStreet Patisserie!

As you probably have already gathered, I'm always on the lookout for handmade products to substitute the regular shop-bought products that I use, and the search always leads me to amazing new products that I can't live without afterwards!

My latest search was foot & hand care. I was looking for handmade products that would leave my hands and feet soothed and moisturized, and presentable for any outings!

A pair of those products came my way by pure chance in the EGCG Swag Bag, and then lead me to compliment them with other products I had been eyeing for a while in MorganStreet's shop!

Checking Etsy regularly has it's rewards, but I have found that Twitter is a wonderful tool to find out about your favourite sellers' sales; that's how I found out about Sharon offering 20% off in her shop, and that's how I pounced on the chance to get me some more hands & feet care goodies!

When I got my package, I feel in love with the lovely packaging, totally like getting a present, all nicely wrapped and presented! I got a Herbal Milk Foot Soak, a Lemon Manicure in a Jar and a Cuticle Balm.

What I tried first were both the Manicure in a Jar and the Cuticle Balm. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I have pretty dried out hands, work related, and also have a tendency to munch on the bits of skin that peel off around the nails, and the unkept cuticles, as a nervous or boredom related tick. I have been using both products daily for a week, and I so can see a difference in my hands! The Manicure in a Jar has a wonderful texture, it's a scrub & a hand-butter all at the same time! You just need to massage and scrub a bit of the cream into wet hands, rinse & pat dry and your hands feel sooooo moisturized! The cuticle balm has a wonderful refreshing scent with lemon, rosemary & tea tree, and moisturizes both the nails & cuticles without being greasy at all! For the perfect handcare, I compliment them with the Mirasol Farm cream, and my hands are feeling better than ever!

The Herbal Milk Foot Soak I've tried a few times, and even if the first time I tried it (as soon as it arrived) it felt nice and refreshing, it showed its true colours when I used it after a long night out wearing high heels! Oh my! I could almost hear my feet say "Aaaaaaaaaaaah, niiiiiiice!" when I got them in the warm water with a pair of teaspoons of this. Throbbing tired feet went to instantly soothed feet! Once rinsed and dried, I complimented it with the RightAsRain foot cream, and instant Happy Feet! What's even better is that the morning after, no tired or achy feet at all... This has become my feet's best friend after going out with heels!

Next, I have to try Sharon's Peppermint Sugar Foot Scrub for ready-for-summer feet, and now I'm on the lookout for a Tired Legs cream, lotion or gel... Wish me luck!


Samantha said...

Oooh, her stuff does look wonderful! I saw so many things I wanted to try in her shop, thanks for sharing your experience! :)

Soyun Park said...

They look just awesome! Good luck on trying all the products you received~

Audrey said...

OOOO!! That looks like a wonderful shop! I love B&B products. Will check it out.

Morgan Street said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful review. I'm so glad you love your goodies!!!