Monday, May 18, 2009

EGCG Swag Bag: DressGreen!

Both Brooke and myself have been on a quest of trying to find the PERFECT moisturizer for quite a long time, and apparently we got it sent home, in sample size, with the EGCG Swag Bag!

I have tried a variety of creams, body butters and lotions, from Lollibomb's whipped body frosting that was a bit too thick for me (and somehow ended up leaving my skin a bit dry nonetheless), through some other body butters and whipped body frostings and lotions. Of all the body frostings I've tried my favourites are Spa Therapy's, but they are a bit greasy, and take a lil to be absorbed, not much, but not instantly either, so I just reserve them for the thick of the winter, when my skin gets very dry, and the lotions are nice, but sometimes my skin needs something a bit thicker... picky much, huh?

Well, I got a sampler of DressGreen's body cream in EGCG Swag Bag, tried it and OH LA LA! Thick but not too much, spreads very easily, and best of all, absorbed instantlly!! You might be wondering why is it so important for me, but I don't want to have to wait for the skin to absorb the moisturizer for long, or if in a hurry, having to fight the jeans up cause they get sticked to the legs!

After using up all the sample, I had to ask Brooke if she had tried it, and she had, and not only that, she was as in love with it as I was! Four thumbs up, then!

I decided to go and order the full, 8oz size and although she didn't have the Pomegrante Juice scent at that moment, I went for the Blackberry Sage one, and also decided to indulge myself and get to try her Lip Lush, a lip balm with some colour & shimmer.

The package arrived today, and the body cream is as brilliant as the sample was, and I love this scent too! I want to try the Orange Blossom one next!

The Lip Lush is available in 4 different colours: Sultry, Sassy, Tricky and Lusty. I got myself Tricky, with a coppery brown shimmer, and I must say I love it! I love the fresh smell of it, the taste it leaves, it's not a foodie taste/scent, but smells & tastes nice and fresh, and not one of those waxy/oily tastes you get sometimes in lip balms that contain beeswax or different combination of non-vegan oils. It does give a lil bit of colour and shine, perfect for a lil dolling up for your everyday and informal needs! I'm already planning to get another, as soon as the shop is open again!

Lauren (DressGreen's owner and one woman show) was also so kind as to send me a sample of one of her facial soaps, that I intend to try this week.

Stay tuned for more reviews of awesome B&B products by Brooke & yours truly!

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Jen said...

All of the packaging is beautiful! Sound like great products, too!