Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Skin Journey; Destination: Happy Feet!

You might be thinking, feet again? But feet are icky!!

I'm not a particularly feet=icky person, but I sure haven't really been caring as much as I should, or as well as I should for my feet. But that's changing with the wonderful range of handmade products I've found!

I've already told you about the amazing cooling cream from Right As Rain creations that I've just ordered (in 4oz size!) and the fantastic foot herbal milk bath from Morgan Street, but today I'm gonna talk about another two products I've found that compliment those perfectly!

I've had the Skin Journey etsy shop for a long time in my favourites, but during the EGCG Easter Egg Hunt, I browsed more the shop and added a few products I really wanted to try to my favourites, and did the usual bit of reading around: profile, shop policies and feedback. And during one of her special SNS sales, I got a really nice discount on her foot care products!

I got the Overnight Foot treatment and the Stimulating Foot scrub a week ago, and after trying them I have to give them TWO big thumbs up!

My routine has been combining them with the 15 min milk bath with warm water (I recomend not too warm water, just warm enough so the feet don't feel the shock of the water too much).

Then 2 mins scrub-a-dub lower legs and feet with the Stimulating Foot scrub (it has pumice stone and jojoba beads, which are very exfoliating, but very mild at the same time, and doesn't feel harsh at all for the feet).

And then for the final treat, 2 or 3 times a week, use the Aloe & Hydroxy Acids Overnight foot treatment for very soft skin! This is a very thick cream, and a little goes a long way! You don't need much for each feet, but it's better if after applying it, you put some cotton socks on and off to sleep you go! You'll find yourself in the morning with healed, softer skin (and less icky feet!).

For the rest of the days, I'd still recommend using the cooling foot cream at night, cause it'll moisturize and sooth tired feet after a long day!

That has become my routine for my feet care, twice a week, milk bath, scrub & overnight cream, and for the rest of the days, nightly dose of cooling cream! And I can assure you, I have HAPPY FEET!


Hollyrocks said...

That sounds like a very effective (and relaxing) routine! I love using scrubs on my lower legs too, it makes me feel so soft and sexy. Plus I read that if you exfoliate before shaving, your legs will stay smooth 2-3 times longer than just shaving alone.

FabulouslyFierce said...

I definitely need to try this out!

Mara said...

Ooh what a yummy idea to get feet pretty for summer :D

Pamela said...

i love to pamper my feet with my new herbal foot cream.