Friday, October 30, 2009

Flying Bird Botanicals Baby Bird Head-To-Toe Wash

It took me a while to finally break down and try a handmade baby shampoo.  We all know I love the soap I use for Gory, and really, I will use it until the day he can take a shower on his own.  But shampoo was a different ballpark for me with the baby.  I had read all sorts of horror stories about how they put analgesics in the shampoo to make them tearless, and I was NOT down with that.  AT ALL! To be honest, it scared the pants off me.  So for the first few months, I was using some "tearless" junk someone gave us at a shower.  It smelled really bad, and it took FOREVER to rinse off his melon! So I started my search.

The search finally lead me to Flying Bird Botanicals on Etsy.  They are an organic company out of Washington State, and their shop announcement had me hooked from the first read.

welcome to flying bird botanicals... offering pure and wholesome solutions for your life and health. we use only the finest organic, wildcrafted, fair trade and locally grown herbs, oils and butters to create our fine herbal delights. we never use anything artificial in any of our products, only pure, delicious, natural ingredients. everything we create- from our luxurious creams to our original tea blends- is handcrafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality. every aspect of the creation of our products is carried out with thought and intention... from our family to yours.

They also say that they love working with mothers, and pregnant woman to offer custom care for the whole family.  How wonderful, and thoughtful!  This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! They actually have a whole line devoted to expectant mothers, and babies! All natural, all organic, simple ingredients! Plus they are all vegitarian, and do not animal test! I decided to grab a 4 oz. of the Baby Bird Wash as a trial.

The package came very quickly, was wonderfully packaged, and I could not wait to try it!  I used it for the first time that night.  The first shot, I think I overdid it a bit.  Really, a TINY drop of the soap will wash a whole baby.  Not just his head!  Upon finding this out, I realized that the 4 oz bottle will last me for a LONG while!  How awesome!  And it smells FANTASTIC! It is softly scented with sweet orange and local lavender angustafolia essential oil, and HOLY WOW is it amazing! Paired with my cupcake soap that I use on him, he is all snuggly and ready for bed as soon as he is dried off!

The big test with Gory, however, was allergies.  He is like me, and has allergies.  He is highly allergic to disposable diapers, disposable wipes, and laundry detergents.  So I tried it, and braced myself for the worst.  Well, after a week of using the wash every night, I am proud to say it passed the sensitive Gory test!  So much so, that I even use it in my handmade diaper wash solution, now!

Now tht I love Flying Bird Botanicals so much, I can;t wait to try their other products!  They sell a Baby Bird Bottom Spray that would be awesome for the diaper bag, organic teas, medicinal salves, and some wonderful looking theraputic care items (I am eyeballing the rose water toner!).

Hop on over and take a look!  They are currently offering a Flying Bird Baby Powder sample with any Baby Bird Purchase! They have wonderful baby packages, as well as mommy and baby packages, as well!


RockerByeBaby said...

Super cool! Im lame and we just use the Aveeno stuff... its expensive but works well, its really gentle and makes the boys uber soft and yummy smelling after. Maybe ill have to try this!?

Pili said...

That sounds really nice!
I'm gonna keep an eye on that shop, and add it to my list of shops for baby items.

Seesh, I can't wait till my friends start having babies!!