Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Banning the stinky boy pits

As you know, one of my previous blogs was reviewing the various natural deodorants that I have used, and the ways I have pushed their breaking point!  Well, also being a mommy, I want the best for my kiddos as well.  This would not only be limited to the handmade soaps and shampoos that I use for them, but also their laundry detergent (Rockin Green or BUST!) dish detergent, and yes.....deodorant.

Now.....I do not know how many of you are familiar with a 9 year old boy's pits.  And I am not sure any of you WANT to be familiar with them.  Cause believe me, I wish I was not.  There are not words to describe the stench that comes from a pre-teen boy's body, not to mention the SMELL that comes out of their pits as they go to give you a hug after running around at gym the last class of the day.

BUT, there was no way I was going to subject him to wearing something that has aluminum in it, or anything that could harm him, his body, OR his skin! The product needed to be "boy friendly" and none of this "my mom is a weirdo" stuff, that would have his friends rolling their eyes, and calling me a granola.

First, I did a search on Etsy for "masculine smell" , and came across this Pink Parchment Soap.  They had a scent called Bay Rum, and said it is a favorite with men.  SOLD!

But what about his pits?  This was gonna be a rough one. I then stumbled across Soap.  Yep, plain and simple.  They make a deodorant called Ban Stinky Armpits.  PERFECT!  Cause that is EXACTLY what I needed to do! But they make ANOTHER one called VANQUISH Stinky Pits, which is a bit stronger then the previous one! Sold!  I purchased the Black scent, and waited.

When both the soap and deodorant came, both actually arrived quite quickly! The Bay Rum soap worked PERFECTLY in the shower, and Evan loved the smell!  It also lasted quite some time, which is a plus when the boys are using it, because they will scrub and scrub to no end in there, and then the soap will be gone in less then a week!

The big test was the deodorant.  Evan is VERY difficult to get to do ANYTHING in the morning, and forget telling him to take his vitamins, or put on deodorant!  But he is actually excited to put this stuff on!  It smells good, but not overpowering! I feel good, knowing it is safe, and does not have aluminum in it. He does need to re-apply it once or twice during the day, as I do also, with mine from Spa Therapy Works, but that is the price you pay for being safe!  Plus, Soap now offers Mini Pit Love, which are travel sized, so I think I might grab some of those, and toss it into his backpack for at school!

I would reccoment Soap and Pink Parchment to anyone that has a young son or daughter.  Really, buying handmade shold not just be all about pampering us, but also, our kids!


Self_Inflicted said...

I love the names of those deodorants! I am also glad now that I have a girl.. Although she can be stinky from time to time..

Pili said...

Yay for the blog being back in gear!!
Awesome stuff Brookers!! It's good to know that even Evan has now been converted to the handmade cult! ;)

Poppys Wicked Garden said...

sounds perfect, my son doesn't have stinky pits yet but I know where to go when he does! Maybe I'll get some for my stinky man;)

Mean Look said...

eww stinky boys! lol. My Spa Therapy deodorant did not help me.

I will have to check out those shops!

smarmy said...

I will never go back to mass produced deodorant! I can't believe that handmade bath and beauty supply shops are the only ones that have realized we'd like to smell like something other than baby powder or whatever other gross granny scents they make their deodorants!
I'm definitely going to have to pick up a manly scent for Mr. Smarmy!

SheikaL said...

I'm going to try out the manly scents on my younger brother. Its so hard to find him deodorant that he doesn't think is too girly.