Friday, July 17, 2009

Worthy Soy Candle - Travel Sized Tin Candles!

This blog has been a bit abandoned as of late... But life has been hectic, even more for Brooke than for me, so the blogging fun takes a back seat sometimes.

But, today I'm having a day off and I've felt like blogging again, so decided that it was about time that I updated our blog!

Today's entry is gonna be about Soy Candles, and specifically about the amazing Travel Sized Tin Candles that the awesome Erica from Worthy Soy Candles custom made for me!

I love having tin candles for when I'm going on trips, they're safer than regular candles, since they burn inside the tin, so it's more rare that they would cause a fire in the room, and they're mess free!: take the lid off, lit candle, enjoy; and if it doesn't burn all in one go, you just have to put the candle out, put the lid on and toss it back into your luggage!

I went looking all around Etsy for travel size tin candles, and I found myself with very FEW options, for one, I wanted a small size, like 2 oz tins, and... I barely could find any sellers that would ship to Spain... I was a bit bummed, but I then I thought about asking Erica from Worthy Soy Candles.

I had bought a sample set of her tea light soy candles before, and I loved the scents and how cleanly they burnt, and I know she's willing to ship to Spain. So I decided to ask her if she was thinking of adding travel tin candles to her shop. Erica said it was on her to-do list, but she didn't know when she'd get at it, but if I wanted, she could work on a custom order for me.

YAY! I went over her scent list and tried to pick just 4... I managed, but wow, she has such a huge list of scents available it was very hard narrowing it to just 4!

When the package arrived it smelt so well! No need to open it or look at the label to know what it was! Even the postman commented on how well that package smelt! And the box looked so cute too!

I got my 4 2oz travel tin candles in Plumeria, Ocean Breeze, Rain Water and Moon Lake Musk. And I also got me a sample size Earth Angel tea light.

Both Ocean Breeze and Rain Water have that calming, soothing scent, that reminds you of the shea shore, or a rainy day. They are really clean and refreshing scents.

Plumeria is a bit of a more girly scent, and also a vacation scent, since the smell of this tropical flower can transport you to the tropics and the beach!

And Moon Lake Musk is avery alluring, enticing scent, absolutely perfect for a romantic getaway or a romantic night!

I really can't wait to try them all on my next trip!


EyeScream Industries said...

I LOVE Worthy Soy too!! Her candles are amazing!! I love the Dragon's Blood, Macintosh Apple, and Creme Brulee!! They smell awesome!!

Pili and Brooke said...

Those I haven't tried yet, but sound amazing!

WickedBadNaughty said...

I've heard so many awesome things about WorthySoyCandles that as soon as I burn some of the ones I have (as I am a candle I'm going to purchase some from her. };)

beanbun said...

Awesome! I must try them!

Audrey said...

Aren't they cute!! I love candles, however they tend to give hubby a headache.

Self_Inflicted said...

Someone sent me one of her tea light candles in a package. I loved it. And after reading this I think I am gonna go buy some! Erica is an awesome girl, it's great that she could do this for you!!

smarmy said...

I have Gingerbread and Love Spell and BOTH smell good enough to eat!