Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spa Therapy's Facial Care Line

Well, well, well, well! Finally I got to write my first review and contribution to this blog!

As a woman, you keep on getting bombarded on TV and magazines and the like with all sort of facial products that promise to keep you younger for a longer time, trying to make you feel the need to look like you were 25 till the day you die. All those products tend to be filled with an obnoxious number of chemicals, most of which the regular customer has no clue what they do, and if they're safe for their skin.

I started using my first moisturizer when I was 16, and decided to go for a French company that claimed all products were made using the best of natural products, and very few chemical products, called Yves Rocher. I kept using it till after turning 25 I started hearing about the whole "once you turn 25 you need to start using anti-wrinkle cream" and about the convenience of getting into a proper facial care routine, with the use of cleanser or soap, toner and the anti-wrinkle cream... Mind you, I've always looked younger than my age, so at 25 I wasn't particularly worried about wrinkles, but working as a nurse takes big toll on everything, included the skin, and you are more prone to bags under the eyes if you work night shift a week every month.

I started looking at other options, feeling not enterily too keen on starting using anti-age or anti-wrinkle cream, so when my favourite B&B shop on Etsy started offering a facial care line, I jumped at the chance and tried it all! First I had a conversation with Jussara, the owner of Spa Therapy, about what she'd recommend, and she was amazing explaining all about her products!

I decided to order a complete facial care set, with a facial soap, toner, serum, day cream, night cream and facial scrub. Let me tell you, I had tried a number of soaps to wash my face, but after a pair of days I had stopped using them, my skin is not particularly problematic, a bit on the dry side, with a pair of pimples sometimes before my period, the only complication of my skin are the times when my atopic dermatitis starts to have a field day when I'm horribly stressed. When that happens, any chemicals can only make it go worse...

I started using my Patchouli Mint French Green clay soap and from day one I loved it! The lather, the smell and how soft my face feels after using it! I have tried another of her soaps, the Dead Sea Mud soap, and although it's a really nice soap, I very much prefer my Green mint soap. It helps my skin a lot when my dermatitis threatens to appear, and my skin doesn't feel dry or patched, and I don't feel lazy about using it, so I can stick more easily to the day & night routine.

After that comes the Antioxidant Aloe PH Balancing Herbal toner, and this toner feels so fresh in my skin! It cleans up all the impurities or rests of lather on my skin, and makes the skin ready for the serum and/or the day cream. It doesn't feel harsh for the skin and seems quite moisturizing in itself. It does help making your face even cleaner after the soap, and prepares the skin to absorb the serum and the cream afterwards.

Now after the toner you can either apply the serum that will help your skin absorb the cream better, or go straight to the moisturizer. I like applying the serum cause it helps with the bag under my eyes, and whenever I come home from working night shift I always apply it before going for my morning nap.

Now, depending on morning or night, you go for your Velvet Day Cream or the Night Repair Cream to finish your routine. The day cream is a thick but not greasy cream, it feels really light when applied but VERY moisturizing! It's not one of those creams when you have to wait for long to apply your mineral make up cause it won't look good otherwise. My skin literally drinks the stuff and feels truly velvety to the touch afterwards! The night repair cream is thicker than the day cream, but it's absorbed equally well, and the skin looks positively glowing and refreshed the morning after.

Now, once a week, it's always recommended to use a facial scrub, to get rid of impurities and clear off dead skin cells. I tried a pair of Spa Therapy's scrubs, and I must say that I'm absolutely in love with the Pink Grapefruit and Guava facial scrub! It has a very fine grain, salty and feels very cleansing and scrubby, but not rough at all, completely non-abrasive. You can also leave it for a few minutes and it'll act as a mask. Once you clean it off, you feel your skin absolutely soft and radiant!

All in all, highly recommended line of facial care, I've always been rather lazy with my facial care, and now with all this wonderful smelling products, I'm looking forward to my twice a day facial care routine.

You can even try the facial care in small sampler sets to see if it works well for you, or even use it as your travelling set, cause her samples comply to the new rules for hand luggage liquid items. I know my set has been to a few airports without a problem! And it's always helpful to have it in your hand luggage, in case the suitcase goes missing by any chance!

Also, if you have any doubts about which of her products would be better for your skin type, you can always ask Jussara, she will always be more than happy to help!

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EyeScream Industries said...

I second all of this!! I absolutely LOVE Spa Therapy's line too :) And I really used to hate washing my face! Now I use a bar of Spa Therapy's Tea Tree/Lime soap, and the Tea Tree toner...and I love the light, clean scent and the way my face feels afterward! Now I love washing my face :) I also use the Velvet Face cream and will never go back to another facial cream--it's just the best out there!!