Friday, March 27, 2009

The Amazing Bare Bumm Bath!

So, here in the world of Two Girls and a Bar of Soap.....we love our soap. It's a given. And between Pili and I, we both agree that this featured seller is one of the best there is to have. So much in fact, that we had to decide between the two of us WHO got to write the review. I won!
So, without further adieu, let me introduce:

This shop is run by my wonderful friend Dianne. since being introduced to her amazing soaps over a year ago, let me first say this. I have tried MANY other shops on Etsy, and some that are NOT on Etsy. There is really no shop that compares with customer service, size of soap bars, and the satisfaction that you get when you realize that the fragrance from this soap lingers gently on your skin, for hours after you are gone bathing! This is rare, not many soaps do this!

My latest purchase from the shop included Carribean Beach and Acai and Mangosteen. When they both arrived, I could SMELL the goodies from outside the packaging, which is always secure, and my soaps have never been broken or smooshed. Not only did I get the two HUGE bars that I bought, but she usually includes yummy extras of newer scents that she is going to be offering! This time, I got Pineapple Rush, Banana Taffy, and Chocolate Coconut Yummies! she also included some unscented and Lavender soaps for Gory, by 1 month old! (he already smells pretty good, like all babes do, but now he will be SQUEAKY clean!)

Now, here is the thing about Bare Bumm soap. It LASTS! Shower after shower, bath after bath, this soap will last WELL over 3 weeks in my shower! Which is unusual, as I have other shops that I love, but NONE of them have the power to stay around for more then a week, give or take a few days.And at right around five bucks a five ounce bar, that is really saying something! You can't even get that much for that little with a store bought bar of soap!

Also, back in May of 2008, Dianne told me that she was doing the wedding favors for her daughter's wedding. I had just gotten done planning mine, and I was bummed that I could not give MY wedding guests some Bare Bumm soaps, so since I was helping plan a friend's wedding, I decided to use Dianne to make the favors for the shower! Everyone loved them SO MUCH, that the bride even used Bare Bumm soaps for her actual wedding favors, as well! I am sure if you just shoot a convo over to her, she would be HAPPY to help you out!

Both Pili and I will continue to purchase Dianne's amazing soaps, and we are glad that we have such a wonderful seller that provides such amazing products, as well as some of the best customer service I have ever gotten! So run on over, and grab a few bars! Remember, you have the right to Bare Bumms!


Pili said...

Soooo true! I need to get me another of her Rain Kissed Leaves cause Gaurav claimed it!

And can't wait to try some of her new scents!

Absidy said...

ooooooooooh, they sound yums!

WickedBadNaughty said...

OMG! I've been wanting to order stuff from her since you first told us about her soaps! They look so yummy...especially the new scents she has!

Mara said...

Oh wow those look delicious! Nice presentation - the soaps look delectable!

Mary said...

I'm so so glad I got those samples from Dianne and started giving them to Diysceners. Every time I put some in a package with a purchase from my shop, EVERYONE always tells me how good they smell, and they usually end up going to buy some. She is the sweetest lady ever, and my next soap purchase will be with her. I LOVE HER SOAP!!!

EyeScream Industries said...

Yes!! I second this too! Bare Bumm is my favorite soap shop on Etsy! I gave Bare Bumm samples in little stockings for my family and friends at Christmas, and they were a huge hit! Delicious soaps, and such a sweet seller!!