Sunday, March 29, 2009

Glittersniffer Cosmetics!

*Edit 16 January 2011: Due to recent and not so recent but ongoing events & information, we apologize to any of our readers that we might have turned into buying Glittersniffer Cosmetics and have had to deal with more than poor customer service and unsafe products. Here at Two Girls And A Bar of Soap no longer use or support any of her products, and urge you to read GlitterSniffer Complaints for more information*

Writing a joint blog usually means agreeing on who's gonna write which entry, even more when both me and Brooke have tried and loved the sellers. That's what happened with Bare Bumm, and that's what happens with Glittersniffer. Brooke won the right to write the review about Bare Bumm, and I won Glittersniffer's review! (Mainly cause I had a few pictures of myself wearing some of her amazing eye shadows).

I've always loved buying and wearing make up, not as an everyday event, cause I can be too lazy for that, but as a fun part to get all dolled up when going out.

When I was younger, I used to go out a lot more and that also meant I used to wear a lot of more make up, and I used to be pretty good at it, particularly eye make up. I was even pretty daring with the eye make up, with bold or dark colours, and mixing a bunch of colours.

This past few years, working in my current ward means having just one weekend off each month, it also means I'm not particularly keen on going out most of the time, I'd rather stay home, watching a movie, or going out just for dinner, and for that, I usually don't wear make up.

And somewhere in the past two years I decided to make the switch to mineral make up, and that makes a real change to the way you use the make up, completely different from the way you use the base or foundation, to the way you apply and combine mineral eye shadows.

Recently I came across a new shop for mineral eye shadows, through non other than my dear DIYscene forum: Glittersniffer Cosmetics, run by the lovely Lela. Since I've had good experiences with mineral make up on Etsy, I decided to check her shop, and asked her if she shipped to Spain, and not only she was awfully nice, but she also offers international flat shipping rates!

I decided to go for one of her samplers, 15 samples of her eye shadows for just $10 in resealable zipper bags, and let me tell, that's a very convenient way of getting samples, cause I could fit all her samples in my travel make up pouch!

The chance to try my hand at getting myself all ready for going out happened during my latest trip to India, when I attended a wedding with Gaurav's family. After all the shopping for nice Indian clothes for the wedding and the sangeet (the whole experience of an Indian wedding will probably be featured in a blog entry on my other blog), I decided I'll get my hair straightened for a different look, and Gaurav's sis suggested I got my make up done there too, but I decided I will try my hand at using mineral make up.

Since the suit I got was black with a golden-brown embroidery, I decided to go for Pam and Universe eye shadows, using Pam in all the eyelid, and Universe to give a slight smoked style look to the corner of both eyes, and I must say it looked pretty good, if I can say so myself!

Here you can see a pair of pictures Gaurav took, two close ups of the eye make up and one where you can see the whole ensemble, make up and clothing all together.

After falling in love with the eye shadows after using them, I decided to go back to her shop and grab a few full sizes of her eye shadows, and found a special offer for members of the DIYscene forum, where you could get 3 full sized eye shadows for $10! I decided to try three new colours, and went for Angry, Redrum and Kush, and I must say I love them! I can't wait to try them all!

If you want to try some of her amazing mineral eye shadows, from primers to eye shadows, she's now offering an amazing SALE in her shop, check it out!

All photographs courtesy of Gaurav S.


Crossbones Couture said...

AMAZING! I love me some Glittersniffer! I got some of her crazier colors, too. Maybe when I get the cajones to wear them, I will take pics. You look amazing in that makeup, it makes your eyes POP!

WickedBadNaughty said...

I also ordered some mineral makeup from Glittersniffer and I LOVE it! The creme eyeliners rock my socks and I love using Siren with my favorite lip gloss and get compliments on it all the time. Great stuff...I can't wait to get some other colors!

FabulouslyFierce said...

I love Glittersniffer!

Pili, you are SO pretty!!

Danielle said...

Hello, I just wanted to let you know there are a lot of issues regarding Glittersniffer Cosmetics' products right now, in case you are still using them, and/or want to retract how you feel about it online.

She has been selling products marketed as FDA eye approved and vegan, when they are not, and there are photos showing work environment sterility issues (no gloves), among other issues.

There has been an official recall on pink pigments, including a kit marketed to little girls.

I urge you to check out: