Friday, October 1, 2010

Review Zombify by Zoe Zombie!

Since the beginning of our friendship, both Pili and I have been fans of a little shop on Etsy called Gothcupcake Creations, run by the awesomely talented Marycakes (whom we both adore as a friend, as well!). She makes rad accessories, is vegan (and likes to share her awesome recipes with us!), and is our go-to girl when it comes to things gothic! So when we found out that Mary was going to be launching her mineral makeup line, we knew that we were just gonna have to let all our readers know what we thought of her pigments!

Mary's collection is small, but is in the process of growing. One of the major issues that I have with other makeup companies that are handmade, is the lack of quality control when it comes to recipes. The color that you fall in love with may never be able to be duplicated again, because a lot of creators do not write down exact recipes for the amount of each pigment base color they put in each finished product. I have been assured this is NOT the case here, as Mary is also irked by this, and has made it her goal to create the best pigments she can offer, while upholding the amazing customer service that all of her customers have been receiving for years on Etsy.

When I finally got a glimpse of The Zombify line, the first thing that came to mind was the old line of Coffin Colors. Coffin Colors was a highly successful gothic-based pigment line on Etsy a few years ago. The only downside to the colors that they carried, is that all of them were mattes, and none of them were very highly pigmented (which is rad if that is what you are into, but there was not a lot of variety). Zombify broke that barrier with the collection that she currently has. I purchased Wasabi and Carbonite as testers, so I could do this review.

First, and foremost, Mary's customer service was STELLAR. Her shipping was fast, accurate, and the pigments arrived well packaged. You have an option to get a sifter in your pots, or if you prefer, they can come without a sifter. I went without, because sifters sometimes drive me batty, but that is a personal preference, and I like that she has the option for her customers to choose! I immediately swatched the colors on my hand, and was actually surprised at the vibrant colors that they were, without being overpowering, which was a fresh change for me! You can go pretty neutral with either of these color, or by adding more pigment onto your brush, it can become more vibrant! Wasabi has actually become one of my staples, as I love the sick green color that it is. It is not quite lime, but not a dark green either. It is perfect with my skin tone, and I have seen a lot of other customers post pics with it on, and it looks AMAZING on all skin colors.

My sensitive eyes had no issues with the pigments, and they lasted all day, with no creasing when I wore it over a primer! Better yet, the consistancy of the actual pigments themselves was amazing. A lot of the time, pigments become clumpy, and have chunks in them. My Zombify pigments have no clumps or lumps in them. They blend amazingly well, and the pigmentation in the actual powder is really good.

The thing I love more then everything about the Zombify by Zoe Zombie line is that I think there is something for everyone. She has a bright fuchia called BRAINS!, a dark violet/blue called Concertina, and more neutral colors like Jareth (a smoky purple) and Pikachu, which is a soft yellow. She also rocks reds and oranges (Hellfire and o-Positive) like no one's business (which if you shop vegan, you know is VERY hard to do, as mostly all reds cannot be vegan, because of the presence of carmine).

So head on over to Gothcupcake's shop, show her some love, and while you are at it, stop by her Facebook page for the latest updates, and to get the scoop on new color and collection releases!

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Pili said...

I must must MUST get me some of her colours, it's in my to-do list!!