Monday, April 27, 2009

First of MANY EGCG reviews! Sweet Creek Herbs soap!

So, Pili and Iwere REALLY excited to hear that the Etsy Green and Clean Guild was going to be offering their swag bags again for spring! We both marked our calenders, and waited patiently. Well, in the meantime, the EGCG also announced that as a promotional event, they were going to be sponsoring an Easter egg hunt, where you go through participating shops, and search for the hidden eggs in the listings! (hearting stuff along the way, of course!). So not only did I WIN one of the Easter egg prizes, but I also ordered a swag bag and they both arrived on the SAME DAY! Talk about a fun filled night! I sniffed and tested my way though some of the goodies, took some pictures, and started making a list of items that I was going to review. I had never heard of Sweet Creek Herbs before any of this, and I got an unscented olive oil bar in one bag, and a chamomile shampoo with silk bar in the other!

Well, you all know me, I see unscented and I think "HEY! I can use this on Gory! He can test it!"I don't even know where to start with this soap. The pediatrician had told me at Gory's 1 month check-up that using olive oil on his skin may help with his dry, problem skin. This kid is allergic to EVERYTHING, from laundry soap, to diaper wipes. So I tried out the soap on him to see how it was gonna fly. I LOVE this soap! It goes on smooth, there is not much lather, but it almost melts into the skin. It is not "oily" but more like the consistency of an ointment in dry bar form. Gory's skin is not a heck of a lot better, and I am now using it on my dry legs! I really have to say, that this soap is almost like a miracle for dry, rough skin! I even told my husband, I was SHOCKED at how much this soap has helped both of us! Really, it is pretty amazing!

The shampoo bar, on the other hand, well. I am probably not the best person to test that one out. I tried it, but with my SO severely damaged hair, it literally made it feel like wet noodles. The smell of it was AWESOME, but the way it made my hair feel was not so good. I am thinking of making Evan try it on his gross head, maybe it will smell better then his gross 9-year-old boy smell!

There will be many more EGCG reviews to come, as this is the first of many, but I literally HAD to run over to tell you all about this AMAZING olive oil soap that Sweet Creek Herbs makes! You will be pleasantly surprised!


Pili said...

I still have to try my Sweet Creek Herbs soap, but I sure will soon!

I've been taking pics like mad of all the stuff that was in my swag bag, and I'll have a pair of more reviews soon! =D

morbidmo said...

I am so glad you do these reviews. I can be picky when it comes to this stuff. And this really helps me with my decisions. Great review!

WickedBadNaughty said...

That olive oil soap sounds so good!

angrylittledeadgirl said...

I'm still reeling over *gross 9-year-old boy smell*... hahah.

Another awesome review!

beanbun said...

That olive oil soap sounds wonderful! Just what I need!