Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gift Giving B&B the Handmade Way!

Well, well, well, finally we're dusting off the blog after the Holidays, and starting the New Year (Happy New Year!!) but I'm doing so with a post related to the Holidays, and all the gift giving that goes on.

I have a pretty good stock of B&B products, cause I usually either buy some extra stuff to have handy in case I need to put a gift together, or buy it with an intended person on mind, or use the extras I get sometimes on packages to give as gifts!

This Holidays, I realized it would be a good idea to put together a lil gift for my older nephew's girlfriend, something for my sis-in-law and while I was at it, I realized I needed something for my friends Irene and Gema too... So, I started thinking, and decided to grab a few of the B&B goodies I have around, and get them in assorted into gift baskets. Since I had no baskets around the house, I got some plastic/poly containers (the ones you get with food/fruit) and some nice wrapping paper, and voilá! I got three lovely gift sets!

This is the one I made for Laura, my nephew's girlfriend:

A Spa Therapy body lotion, a Right As Rain Lavender Happy Feet cream, a soy candle from Mrs Tattooed Geek (Etsy shop closed), a cupcake bath fizzy from My Other Princess (she's closed shop too, I'm gonna be hoarding my stash from now on!), one of Sweet Petula's mini soaps and a Spa Therapy lip balm!

This is the one I made for my friend Irene:

A Spa Therapy body mist, the must have Lavender Happy Feet cream from Right As Rain (her Peppermint cream is brilliant too!), the Pink Champagne soap from Two Rivers Soaps, a Spa Therapy bath melt, a cupcake bath fizzy from My Other Princess, a soy candle from Mrs Tattooed Geek and a Body Language Soaps lip balm!

And here you can see my sis-in-law opening her package and my friend Gema's face of surprise and delight when she saw hers!

Proof that giving handmade is always the right answer!


Gothcupcake said...

The gift sets were a great idea! I love giving handmade because it is always unique! Lucky ladies!

Right As Rain Creations said...

You did a lovely job on those gift sets - I'm inspired! I'm honored that my foot cream played a part of such thoughtful gifts. :)