Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rose of Sharon Acres Tooth Chips Teeth Soap

In my quest to be really green, and buy completely off Etsy for all my toiletries, I was really dreading the whole toothpaste issue. I love my listerine, and I literally brush about 4 times a day. Sad, really, but true. I love to be minty fresh. But I was determined, and after some research, and asking around on the Etsy chat boards, I decided about a year ago to try Rose of Sharon Acres Tooth Chips.

Now, I know what you all are thinking. SOAP!?!? Ew. TOTALLY not cool, it is like washing out your mouth with soap!

Not true. I have major gag reflexes, and I actually love the tooth soap. It cleans really well, leaves my teeth SO much more clean feeling then they have ever been before, and there is not a ton of sudsy junk going on when brushing!

So, when you are using the tooth soap, the routine goes like this:

1. wet your toothbrush
2. take one tooth soap "chip" and bite between your molars.
3. use the wet toothbrush to scrub with the soap.
4. spit, and rinse!

That is IT! And when I am done, my teeth are SO clean, it is really amazing There is a bit of an aftertaste, but it is by no means offensive, or bad. I have really sensitive teeth, and enamel problems, and since I have been using the tooth soap, even my dentist has seen a difference! And I also have to add. I have been using the soap for over a year now, and in that WHOLE year, I have not had ONE cavity. NOT ONE! And I was pregnant for 9 months, and we all know that babies leach nutrients from their mommies, and leave their teeth weak. Mine were NOT!

Rose of Sharon Acres is really informed about tooth products, and the dangers of over the counter formulas, and rather then get really wordy about it here, here is a blurb from the shop, about it.

"Research....I discovered through in the book "Good Teeth from Birth to Death" by Dr. Gerard F. Judd, Ph.D., Chemistry and Fluoride Researcher that bar soap was actually one of his recommendations to good strong teeth.

This is an excerpt from that book: "Reenamelization of the teeth occurs when they are clean. All toothpastes make a barrier of glycerine on the teeth which would require 20 rinses to get it off. A good solution for clean teeth, which I have used for 5 years, is bar soap. Wet the brush, swipe the bar two or three times with it, then brush the teeth thoroughly and the gums gently. Rinse with water three or four times. All oils are washed off the teeth and the gums are disinfected. The bacteria are killed by the soap. The teeth are then ready for reenamelization with calcium and phosphate in the diet. The enzyme adenosine diphosphatase delivers phosphate to the enamel surface. Do not use liquid soaps. Their different composition is harmful to the protoplasm.

Reenamelization is necessary on a daily basis because the enamel leaches slightly with water as well as the bones over decades leading to holey bones and holey teeth even in the absence of acid attack. Without reenamelization, we could never have good teeth."

I would highly reccomend trying out the tooth soap. Rose of Sharon Acres offers a smaller 2 oz container of chips, for around 9$ if you want to try it out. And literally, 2 oz can get you a few weeks of use!


Pili said...

This is something I've always wanted to try, and now that YOU recommend it after a YEAR, I sure will try it!

Anna said...

This will be my next purchase. I love that you still love it after a year. It gives me great hope and peace of mind. And thank you for including the info about your dentist liking the results! Win!!!

Mami Made It said...

Thanks for that post! Never heard about before! Very interesting!

Anna said...

Bought, tried, and LOVE! For the first time in my life, my teeth actually felt squeeky clean.