Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome! A small introduction!

We thought we would start our blogging adventure here with a small introduction. You can find out individual blogs over there on the side, but this blog is the collaborative effort of two friends hundreds of miles apart with a love of handmade bath and body products binding them together! So now, without further adieu.....drum roll please!


Hi, my name is Maria Pilar, but all of my friends call me Pili! I am a long time connoisseur of everything DIY, and have become a HUGE fan of all DIY bath and body products. I work as a nurse in Madrid, Spain, with my spare time spent traveling with my boyfriend, and reading. All of my products I have tested not only on myself, and carried with me on my travels, but are also used by my many friends and extended family that I have given gifts of handmade products. I am well known in the handmade world as a customer to some of the biggest names in DIY, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge as a customer with you!


My name is Brooke, and I am a DIY-a-holic! I am also the owner and designer at Crossbones Couture, a clothing and accessories company. As of 2009, I have taken the handmade vow to NOT purchase anything bath and body related that is NOT handmade! I am so excited about doing this blog with my good friend, Pili, as I feel that it will not only help spread the goodness of using DIY products, but it will be a fun adventure as well!

If you wish to have your bath, body, makeup, or home products featured in this blog, please send us an e-mail. We LOVE learning about new shops, and trying out new products!


FabulouslyFierce said...

Awesome idea ladies - I love you guys! Can't wait to read your entries!

EyeScream Industries said...

Yayyy! Rock on ladies!!!!!! <3